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Plymouth's Foreign Rescue Dog Specialist

Do you have a foreign rescue dog that’s struggling to settle in? Is walking your new family member proving to be difficult? Are you struggling to get your companion out of the house? Are they struggling with anxiety or reactivity towards other dogs or people?

Look no further! Becky is a trained professional with over fifteen years of experience working with dogs with complex behaviour needs. Becky specialises in helping anxious and reactive dogs. Get in touch today, where Becky will collect the relevant information to recommend a package for you.

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Why Choose Us?

"This is more than just a job for Becky"
Linda Marsh (& Bonnie)
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“I feel that this is more than just a job for Becky. She strives to give the very best training for your rescue dog.”
"Becky was so patient"
Amber Earle (& Percy)
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“We had been struggling with our ex-street dog who was extremely fearful … Becky was so patient, performing a comprehensive assessment and helping us understand why Percy felt so afraid.”
"I was able to take on the long process of unlocking the kind and loving dog I could see inside Xena.”
Bobby Bartley (& Xena)
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“Xena clearly had some underlying confidence issues. She was found on the streets. With the approach of Becky and her wisdom, I was able to take on the long process of unlocking the kind and loving dog I could see inside Xena.”
"Becky understood the situation right away"
Marie Ryder (& Roxy)
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“Roxy was reactive towards other dogs. I didn’t have the confidence to let her off the lead. Becky understood the situation right away and helped me to understand why Roxy was behaving this way.”
"Is Like A Different Dog"
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“We have a very nervous pooch but she instantly hit it off with Becky and in the year she has been walking her has been gaining more and more confidence and is like a different dog.”
"Becky has been very informative"
Jane Sands (& Rosie)
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“Rosie is a Romanian rescue. Becky has been very informative, enabling me to see things from Rosie’s perspective.”
"Very Reliable And Flexible"
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“Fantastic dog walking service. Monty adores Becky and it would be hard for me to trust anyone else with him. She is very reliable and flexible!”
"Becky is very understanding and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs"
Dee Kittle (& Rosie)
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“Becky is very understanding and knowledgeable when it comes to dogs with any problems but especially with reactive dogs.”
"Becky Has Filled Me With Confidence"
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“We have a fifteen-month-old Rottie who has not been socialised with other dogs very well due to COVID. Becky has filled me with confidence that we don’t have a nasty dog, explained his behaviour issues so that we can introduce him to other dogs and all have a more relaxed enjoyable walk.”
"Felt Instantly Relaxed"
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“Wow! I did a recall class today with my eight-month Dachshund. I felt very anxious about it all. I turned up and Becky was there to greet me with a beaming smile. I instantly felt relaxed.”
"Becky Is An Amazing Behaviourist"
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“Becky is an amazing behaviourist. She listens to what you have to say and does one-to-ones so she can get to know your dog and work with you to make things less stressful.”
"Excellent Understanding Of Dogs"
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“Becky has an excellent understanding of dogs.”

Some Of Our Happy Customers:

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