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Foreign Rescue Dogs

For a professional dog trainer that specialises in helping foreign rescue dogs adjust to their new home, contact Becky’s Walkies today. Having witnessed the dramatic increase in adoptions of dogs from abroad, Becky has tailored her work to helping these wonderful but often challenging pups to settle in.

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Trouble Settling in?

In recent years, dozens of charities have made it their mission to help rescue dogs from abroad find a forever home here in the UK. This, combined with high levels of competition for local rescues, has contributed to a huge increase in adoptions of dogs from European countries such as Romania. Romania has one of the biggest street dog problems in Europe, and is also famous for its inhumane attempts to address the problem.

Given the traumatic experiences that many foreign rescues have been through, both on the street and in horrific public pounds, they often come with a range of emotional and behavioural issues. If you have recently adopted a dog from abroad that is having trouble settling in, don’t give up hope. With professional advice and support, all dogs have the potential to overcome their past traumas and enjoy a peaceful new life.


Rosie has come a long way since her first session around other dogs. This is her first meeting with Mimi and Claude. #romanianrescuedog #reactivedog

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Rescue Dog Specialist

Becky is a fully qualified dog behaviourist and trainer, with extensive experience working with dogs from challenging backgrounds. She knows how to help anxious or reactive animals relax by digging into their underlying emotional problems. This, combined with some basic skills training, can help turn a former street dog into a gentle, happy pet. So, if you’ve got a foreign rescue dog and you’re struggling to cope, send us an email today.

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