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Q. Where does the training take place?

A. Training can take place in a range of public places according to your needs.

Q. What happens during one-on-one training sessions?

A. During your one-to-one training sessions, we will carry out a range of activities according to the behaviour plan devised.

Q. What happens during one-to-one walks?

A. During one-to-one walks, I will pick up your dog and carry out the training without you present. I will work with your dog through the pre-decided behaviour plan, choosing the right environment and working around your dog’s potential triggers.

Q. Why do we need to be on a training and behaviour package to participate?

A. Behaviour modification takes time. Our packages are specifically designed to offer holistic and ongoing support to help your dog make progress.

Q. Which package is right for me?

A. We will discuss the different packages with you. Each circumstance is different and we will provide a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

Q. What style of training do you offer?

A. Becky is a 100% force-free trainer, which means all training is carried out without punishment or aversive tools such as e-collars and prong collars, designed to cause dogs pain.

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