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Dog Walking

For professional dog walking in Plymouth, contact Becky’s Walkies today. Becky started out offering walking services back in 2010, and it remains an important part of her training and behaviour work. From one-to-one walks as part of individual training to group walks that help socialise anxious pups, the benefits of walking are endless.

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Individual & Group Walks

Becky offers both individual and group walks depending on the circumstances. She uses one-to-one walks as part of her dedicated training and behaviour packages. Walking nicely on a lead is a core skill for any dog. It also provides them with the stimulation they need in the form of new locations, new smells and plenty of physical exercise.

Group walks of up to six dogs are carried out by Becky’s trusted colleague Laura. Due to high demand, group walks are currently only available to existing behaviour clients who are ready to graduate to a more social setting. However, if you’re really keen, give us a call anyway and we’d be happy to add you to our waiting list.

Give Your Dog a Social Life

Some dogs struggle in a social setting around other dogs, especially if they have missed out on the right sort of socialisation or have experienced situations in the past that have given them reasons not to trust other dogs. Quite often foreign rescue dogs struggle due to the fact that they have come from an environment where they have had the freedom of choice around other dogs. Now, however, having a lead on and having their choices restricted can be upsetting for them.

Becky uses group walks as something for her behaviour clients to work towards. Following on from a successful training programme, many dogs benefit greatly from the relaxed and social atmosphere of our group walks. To find out more, send us an email today.

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